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    About GTA

Company Introduction

GTA Introduction

GTA Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturing foundries specializing in automotive IC. The company is dedicated to supporting global partners to form a sound semiconductor ecosystem with the significant implication of “ Grain by grain, pile of sand builds a tower. Step by step, mission is bound to be reached”. Today, the company has two manufacturing facilities in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-Gang Special Area and Xuhui District located in the metropolitan area of Shanghai. The total output of capacity is 280,000 pieces per month (equivalent to 200mm) , including 70,000 150mm wafers per month, 110,000 200mm wafers per month, 43,000 300mm wafers per month (under construction).

The company has decades of manufacturing experience as an automotive IC foundry with the quality engineering and assurance system. The company with the international R&D team provides customers a full spectrum of technology process platforms and portfolios for manufacturing Micro-Controller, Analog IC, discrete power devices and MEMS in the application fields of automotive, industrial and high-end consumer electronics.


Scope Of Business 

As the Quality System IATF16949-certified company and the first A-level automotive IC supplier of VDA 6.3 Process Audit in the mainland China, GTA Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in automotive IC manufacturing and quality management. The company has developed various specialty manufacturing technologies with independent proprietary rights in Power Management IC (PMIC), Micro-controller (MCU), power discrete devices(IGBT, SGT, FRD, TVS, etc.), SiC power discrete devices(JBS, MOSFET, etc.) and Micro-electronics Mechanical System (MEMS), etc. 

The IC products GTA fabricating for its partners are widely applied in several vehicle systems.  i.e. IGBT/FRD are equipped in battery system, traction inverter, charging hub, car igniter and etc.  BCD/TVS are equipped in power drive system, power management, charging hub, electric brakes and etc. Bipolar is equipped in power management, electric sunroof, intelligent door control, vehicle lighting system and etc. MEMS is equipped in tire pressure detection, airbags, electronic stability program, ABS systems, automotive radar, silicon photonics communication and etc.

As one of the earliest SiC foundries with manufacturing capability in the mainland China, GTA Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has developed 650V/750V/1200V SiC JBS and 650V/750V/1200V SiC MOSFET technologies with independent proprietary rights.

We are committed to collaborating with global partners to address the technical issues for high-end automotive IC manufacturing to provide consumers better services.