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    Technology Platform

Specialty Technology

GTA has more than 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits technologies such as Bipolar, BCD, HVCMOS and eNVM. We offer more cost-effective foundry solutions to customers in the fields of consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics, green energy and smart grid.


  • BCD

  • HV

  • eNVM

  • Bipolar

  • Technical Introduction

    GTA BCD(Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) technology is based on advanced CMOS logic process and offers high-performance, low on-resistance LDMOS with a wide range of voltages. It meets needs of different kinds of customers with superior performance and low cost.

    Currently, GTA offers series process of 0.15μm 5~40V EPI BCD, 0.18μm 5~30V BCD and 0.35μm 700V BCD and continues developing process to higher voltage and more advanced technology nodes.

    Application products 

    BCD technology is widely used in Power Management IC, DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, LED Drivers, Motor Drivers, Battery Management IC,etc.


  • Technical Introduction

    GTA HV CMOS platform is based on advance CMOS process, offers a variety of High-Voltage CMOS devices to meet the needs of various panel driver IC products with superior performance and low cost.

    Currently 0.15μm 1.8/3.3/18V HV CMOS series of processes are under development and continue to develop towards various voltages and more advanced technology nodes.

    Application products 

    HV CMOS is widely used in display panels' driver of TVs, computers, consumer electronics and wearable devices.


  • Technical Introduction

    GTA provides varieties of embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) technologies, including one-time programmable memory (OTP), multiple programmable memory (MTP), electronic fuse one-time programmable memory (e-fuse), and embedded flash memory (e-flash). The technologies cover from 0.35μm to 0.15μm nodes in mass production and from 0.11μm to 40nm nodes with research and development. All these provide a reliable and efficient storage scheme for each process platform.

    Application Products

    GTA provides complete embedded non-volatile memory technology and extensive IP support, which can be applied to Smart Cards, microprocessors, power management ICs and etc. It is widely involved in the fields of consumer electronics, IoT, automotive electronics and industrial control.


  • Technologies

    GTA is experienced in the development and production of bipolar transistor processes, covering the voltage range of 8V to 80V, and can be customized to meet the different design requirements of customers.

    Application products

    Bipolar is widely used in amplifier, speakers, Hall devices, oscillators, motor drivers and other analog devices such as automatic control, electronic instruments, medical equipment and vehicle electronics.